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A week of TECHSPYs, National Champs, Tech & Tails and AvFest

As the end of the academic year end comes into sight, it becomes a busy but fun time at Louisiana Tech. There have been many activities on campus and across the community this week as our faculty, students and alumni come together to celebrate accomplishments for the year. I have also had numerous students, prospective students, alumni and [more]

A Champ on the capitol steps

Much of my time this week was spent in interacting with some state and federal government leadership. We were pleased to welcome several members of Senator Bill Cassidy’s staff to campus on Tuesday. They were on campus to learn more about our programs and activities. Senator Cassidy has been particularly helpful in connecting Tech and our [more]

An Easter egg hunt, a bridge and Community Coffee

As we head into the Easter Holiday, I want to thank all of our Tech Family and friends for your loyal support of Tech and for the encouragement that you provide to all of our faculty and staff. We are truly blessed to be a part of such a strong community of people who have a [more]