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From Creole to Rice

I spent the first two days of the week on campus in various meetings with my administrative team. I also enjoyed some visits from students, including a couple of freshmen who wanted to interview me as part of their Comm/FYE class about our policies on bike racks on campus. This class really engages students in [more]

Another Point of View

I awoke on Monday morning at a hotel at the DFW airport where I was attending a Conference USA Board meeting. Our conference staff do an excellent job of planning these meetings so we can do our Board work efficiently. My colleague, Dr. Rodney Bennett of Southern Miss, is currently serving as the Chair of [more]

Talking Tech

I spent much of this week telling the Tech story to students, campus visitors, news media and the community. I enjoyed visits from several prospective students, and I like helping them find their way at Tech and understanding more about the great experiences that Tech has to offer. Several freshmen students came by to visit [more]