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Showcasing Tech Students

I had a lot of opportunities this week to interact with our students. It began on Monday when I was invited by Aramark to serve our students for lunch. I asked if we could do gumbo and they happily agreed. Gumbos with students, friends and family have been a tradition for me for many years, [more]

Continuing Tech Tradition – Mardi Gras and Noble Trees

All Tech alumni should recall the tradition of taking a break from classes because of Mardi Gras. That tradition was continued this week as the campus was largely vacated by students and faculty on Monday and Tuesday. Faculty and staff returned on Wednesday and students returned on Thursday. Many of us took advantage of the [more]

A glimpse of Tech through my eyes

I have been writing a weekly blog post for the past five years with the goal of keeping Tech’s stakeholders informed about campus activities and plans. My intent is to let you get a glimpse of Tech through my eyes and personal experiences. It is an amazing place with amazing people doing some amazing things [more]