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Transitioning from Winter to Spring

While we all still wait for the real winter to arrive, it looks like spring is already here. I’m having the same feeling on campus as our Winter Quarter has blown by and Spring Quarter is already about to begin. There’s a lot of energy in the air as the campus is active with numerous [more]

Why I enjoy my job… students!

After many years of being a professor and administrator, I find nothing to be more rewarding than spending time with students. This week, I had several great opportunities to interact with students in my office and around campus. A couple of students had personal challenges that they wanted to bring to my attention, and several [more]

2017 Louisiana invasion of DC

This is the week when airplanes are filled with Louisianans headed to Washington, D.C., to celebrate and bring greater visibility to our great state through the lens of Mardi Gras. Well over 3,000 political, business and community leaders and their families are participating in Washington Mardi Gras this year. A walk through the lobby of the Washington [more]