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Louisiana Tech wins the debate

The big debate has been on everyone’s mind this week. The national debate. Electing our next national leader. For our state. Thanks to the leadership of Professor Jeremy Mhire of the Waggonner Center for Civic Engagement and Public Policy, Louisiana Tech was selected to host the live debate for Louisiana’s next Senator to represent us in Washington [more]

A great day to be a Bulldog

This has been another busy week of activities for me. Each day and each event has given me a greater appreciation for our university and its people. What a great day to be a Bulldog! And that was the theme of my message as I met with numerous groups throughout the week. As the week began, Kathy [more]

Great fathers of the Tech Family

This week has provided me with several opportunities to reflect on just how special the history of Louisiana Tech is and how the success that Tech enjoys today is attributable to the work of some great people that have been associated with this institution. Sadly, we lost one of those great fathers of the Tech [more]