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Guice presented with Presidential Medallion.President Guice with Homeland Security Secretary and Undersecretary.President Guice speaks at the Fall Faculty Staff meeting.Guice Family at Joe Aillet Stadium.

Kicking off a Homecoming Weekend

Homecoming week is always an exciting time at Louisiana Tech. Our students and staff have a full slate of activities planned every year, and those activities seem to be getting better and better. One of the great things about working on a college campus is getting to participate in these events and to experience the [more]

Louisiana Tech alumni having positive impacts

Several of our biomedical faculty have organized a “New Frontiers in Biomedical Research” program and have brought in several distinguished speakers for a day or two on campus. On Monday morning, I enjoyed meeting with the latest distinguished speaker, Dr. Jennie Thurston, Director of Parke Cytogenetics Laboratory in Charlotte, NC. Jennie earned her BS and MS in zoology from Louisiana Tech [more]

Cherrie Sciro: From Tech to the best of Broadway and back

Cherrie Sciro loved her time at Louisiana Tech, where she earned her undergraduate degree, and never wanted to leave. Her dream of returning to Tech came true soon after earning her MFA in Arts Administration at Texas Tech University. While separated from her alma mater and pursuing the MFA, Cherrie participated in the American College [more]