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AE Phillips choir and The Christmas Song

As President, I get to experience a lot of special things. Yesterday was one of those very special days for me and my staff when Mr. Randall Boyd, A. E. Phillips Laboratory School music director, brought the AEP Choir by the 16th floor to sing several Christmas carols. These students are excellent by any measure and [more]

Engineering & Science making Dallas & Houston Bulldog Country

Louisiana Tech has extended our recruitment efforts well beyond the borders of Louisiana and those efforts are paying off as more and more great students are attracted to the great programs that we have to offer. Texas is certainly a major focus for us and I am pleased that the College of Engineering and Science [more]

To Dallas from Austin and Houston: Tech’s EcoMarathon team takes Texas

Louisiana Tech engineering students have made the most of their talents by winning several national awards in Shell’s Eco-marathon competition held annually in Houston over the past several years. Tech’s team has consistently done well in the Vehicle Design and the Urban Concept Diesel design competitions. The Tech team documents their activities and wins on their website: http://orgs.latech.edu/ecocar/. [more]