From the desk of President Leslie K. Guice

Lighting up the Quad

Jan 13, 2018 | Weekly Update

New LED light to left & old light to right

It was exciting to see new lighting fixtures begin to rise in the Quad this week. As we have done campus planning for growth over the past few years, we recognized that it was important to consider how we light the campus including new facilities and pathways between those facilities. Jim King and Sam Wallace worked with our master planners and others to help us develop a standard for LED lighting that would be aesthetic and consistent with campus traditions while enhancing safety, reducing power requirements, and reducing glare. We have been placing a sleek fixtures in the new parking areas and a more traditional design in the core of our campus. Special lighting has been designed for the Lady of the Mist and some uplighting is being placed under some of our large trees. Updating of the Quad’s treescaping is in the planning phase.  Creating more pleasant walks and noble trees for future generations.

Speaking to legislators, board members, community and university members in DAC

On Monday, we hosted our regional legislative delegation on campus to discuss the framework for the future of our University of Louisiana System. President Jim Henderson gave an overview presentation and both Rick Gallot and I gave short campus highlights.  Later Monday, I headed to Baton Rouge for Tuesday meetings of the ULS Presidents Council and Board. Wednesday and Thursday were spent in the office in meetings with my administrative team, with students and with prospective students. I enjoyed a meeting with Provost Terry McConathy and some of our psychology faculty and doctoral students who have been helping us in conducting, assessing and responding to campus climate surveys.

Bossier Center welcome area

On Friday, I traveled to Bossier to meet with the new leader for our Bossier, Barksdale and Shreveport programs, Dr. Donna Johnston. Our new Bossier Center in the National Cyber Research Park is a great hub for our activities there and a beautiful center for student engagement. We are occupying 10,000 sf in the first floor of the facility now and should begin to build out the 4th floor for more classrooms, labs and a veterans resource center in the next few weeks. We will be looking to develop and offer more programs and courses with our partners at BPCC including programs for corporate partners like CSRA in the NCRP. I also visited with Craig Spohn at the Cyber Innovation Center to update him on our activities with the Louisiana Tech Research Institute, recent cyber grants and other activities related to the USAF Global Strike Command. These activities support our focus on enhancing research, innovation, workforce development and partnerships in areas of national importance. Here are a few of my favorite pics for the week:

Tower lights to be removed

Sleek LED lights in parking areas


Honors Psychology major Lauren Redmond

Marketing major & student athlete Carson Wyld


Long-time family friend Kalie Smith

Lady of the Mist with a sweater in freezing temps this week


Mural at BPCC entry to Bossier Center

Scotty Moran Academic Success Center


Bossier Center display and video area


ULS Chair & Vice Chair take oath of office. Tech’ SGA Prez Ben Rice to far right.