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Talking Tech

Oct 14, 2017 | Weekly Update

Comm 101 student “Trading” with the Prez

I spent much of this week telling the Tech story to students, campus visitors, news media and the community. I enjoyed visits from several prospective students, and I like helping them find their way at Tech and understanding more about the great experiences that Tech has to offer. Several freshmen students came by to visit this week as part of their Comm 101 class projects. Their teachers ask them to do various projects that require the students to traverse the campus and interact with different people. Some of them even muster up enough courage to come up to 16th floor and I always welcome them if I am not tied up in a meeting. This Comm 101 class is the result of our curriculum redesign efforts to enhance student success and communications skills.

RHS students showcasing their EcoCar

Tuesday evening, I was invited to be one of the speakers at the Chamber’s Education Town Hall at Ruston High School.  Before that event, we toured the “New Tech” building and interacted with RHS students and teachers who were showcasing their Eco-Car projects and STEM class-labs. Superintendent Mike Milstead, GSU President Rick Gallot, LADeltaCC Director Doug Postel and I all spoke about our respective institutions later that evening. Our community is blessed to have such strong educational opportunities here. On Wednesday, we welcomed members & staff of the Board of Regents, ULS Board, legislators and Mayor Ronny Walker to campus to discuss our campus capital outlay priorities and needs. I gave them an overview of Louisiana Tech and our vision and goals for impacting our community, state and nation. Following that presentation, we gave them a bus tour around campus, stopping at Tech Pointe to let them see the extensive involvement of corporate partners on campus and the opportunities those partnerships are providing our students. On Thursday, I enjoyed a visit from LDCC Chancellor Dennis Epps to talk about new potential partnerships between our two institutions. Ultimately, a stronger community college system with well-designed articulation pathways to our university will be a key in enhancing the educational attainment of our citizens which will result in greater economic prosperity for all.

John, Riley & Russ visit about Aerospace Club

I also enjoyed a visit from three engineering juniors who are leading our new Aerospace Club and are seeking further support for their efforts. This group has been building a strong following and engaging students in impressive projects like weather balloons, rockets, satellites and command centers. We have some amazing students on this campus! Here are a few of my favorite pics for the week:      

Speaking about Tech’s Capital Outlay needs

Davy Norris talks about Tech Pointe


Heath Tims talks about Living With the Lab in Bogard

With Mike Milstead, Doug Postel and Rick Gallot


Mayor Walker at Tarbutton Exchange groundbreaking


Jeremy Davis’ father and nephew


Freshman from Bulgaria engages Prez


Alum & friend John Allen visits about a project


Walking through Tolliver to talk with students

Chatting with SGA in Quad