From the desk of President Leslie K. Guice

A September for the Stars

Oct 1, 2017 | Weekly Update

Pat Tilley, Roy Waters & Denny Duron from the 1970s National Champ Bulldogs. Pat & Denny were inducted into Tech’s Hall of Fame. It is obvious that Roy played a big role in their success.

September closed with a bang this week as the Bulldogs beat South Alabama and finished the month with a strong 3-2 record, both losses being to SEC teams. The last few days have brought a lot of great friends and Tech all-stars back to campus. On Friday evening, we hosted a Hall of Fame event in the DAC, recognizing seven of Tech’s greatest athletes and athletics staff – Denny Duron, Tommy Joe Eagles, Pam Gant, Dale Holman, Luke McCown, Keith Prince and Pat Tilley. Many other Hall of Famers were in attendance for that event and others arrived for the Bulldogs’ game against South Alabama on Saturday night. We also enjoyed having Tech alum Kix Brooks back on campus for a dedication of his memorabilia displays in Howard Auditorium on Friday and at the game on Saturday. Kathy hosted her sorority sisters on campus on Friday and Saturday. We all had a great time reflecting on our time together as students, and I enjoyed giving them a bus tour of campus to see the new facilities and to share information about future projects. On Saturday, I also spent some time talking to prospective students, parents and even some alumni who attended the huge Time Out for Tech event on Saturday in the Quad.

Norm & Anita Pumphrey visit during appreciation luncheon. Norm was my classmate at Tech.

Earlier in the week, we were pleased to host a recognition event at the DAC for our faculty and staff who had contributed to the university as part of the campaign. I was inspired by the generosity of our people who believe so much in the institution that they provided over $150,000 in gifts back to support our students and programs this year. We  had a special visit this week from the Lettie Pate Whitehead Foundation who have given scholarship support for our health and wellness students since 1973. And I also squeezed in a trip to Bossier City to visit with our CIC colleagues and to review the progress on our new Academic Success Center at the National Cyber Research Park.   Here are a few of my favorite pics for the week:

Kix & Barbara Brooks talk with Mark Guin about new display


Kathy & her sorority pledge class reunite in University Hall


Packed DAC for Hall of Fame event

Novis Bradshaw celebrates after Bulldog win


Whitehead scholarship winners in Ropp

Matt Flynn and recruits with traditional pose at Tech Table entry


122 employers attend Career Day to recruit our students

Alum Morgan Tanner stops by to visit the Spirit of 88 (and me too)


Mark Guin chats with theatre alum on Howard’s stage

Two of my HS class mates, Stewart Cathey and Bobby Brasher


Former staff member Linda Echols brings her grandson Ethan by to talk about Tech

Jerry Acree & John Allen on hand to visit with their long-time friend Kix Brooks


Staff appreciation luncheon

Staff tour pressbox


Roy Waters retirement reception

Thanks, Ryan, for making everything happen!


Kinesiology in Quad at Time Out for Tech

Alum Chris Henry brings his son & friend from Houston