From the desk of President Leslie K. Guice

An Easter egg hunt, a bridge and Community Coffee

Apr 14, 2017 | Weekly Update

As we head into the Easter Holiday, I want to thank all of our Tech Family and friends for your loyal support of Tech and for the encouragement that you provide to all of our faculty and staff. We are truly blessed to be a part of such a strong community of people who have a culture of caring and a passion for excellence. Happy Easter!

COES Commitment Day luncheon

This week was filled with a wide range of meetings and activities. I met with numerous students and prospective students throughout the week, something that I enjoy the most. The College of Engineering and Science brought almost 1,000 students to campus on Tuesday as part of Engineering and Science Day.  They also initiated a special “Commitment Day” program to welcome and celebrate those top engineering and science students who have made the commitment to attend Tech in the Fall of 2017.  These students were treated with a special luncheon at the DAC and were welcomed by the Tech Band of Pride (E&S members of the BoP), Cheerleaders and Regal Blues. Kudos to Dr. Heath Tims and his staff for the great program!

Architecture students look at their model bridge at MedCamps

Kathy and I were able to attend the “ground-breaking” or more like “water-parting” event for the Architecture design-build team’s new project at MedCamps. This project may be their most challenging ever as they construct a bridge that spans the lake to enhance access to all parts of the site and create special fishing opportunities for the campers. As always, I was most inspired by our Architecture faculty and students. On the business side of things, I welcomed to campus Dr. John Huguenard, Professor of Neurology and Neurological Sciences at Stanford University, who was discussing his research on the control of seizures due to Epilepsy. I also welcomed to campus representatives of our industry partner CSRA as well as Mr. Joshua Black, Director of the Defense Cyber Investigations Training Academy, to discuss their cyber training programs and needs.

Matt Saurage speaks to business students

And it was a thrill to welcome alumnus Matt Saurage, owner and Chairman of the Board of Community Coffee, who was on campus to kick off a new speakers program led by Dean Chris Martin of the College of Business. Matt spoke to an overflowing crowd of students on Wednesday evening and then met for breakfast with a large group of community leaders at Squire Creek on Thursday morning. His unique perspectives on long-term success in his family-owned business were inspiring. Finally, Kathy and I were pleased to host the AE Phillips 2nd graders at our house on Thursday for an Easter egg hunt and games day. We had a lot of special guests including teachers, parents, Champ, cheerleaders and the Bulldogs basketball team. I appreciate the tremendous efforts made by our AEP teachers to create a great learning and development environment for our students! Here are a few of my favorite pics for the week:

Ready, set, GO! Easter egg hunt begins.

Matt Saurage speaks at Squire Creek


2nd graders are joined by Tech Cheer, Champ and Hoops

Alum John Holland & son Josh visit campus (one of my grand-students)


Engineering student Gary Poe visits to tell me his interesting Disney story

Getting my first tour of the Prez Suite at the Joe