From the desk of President Leslie K. Guice

2016: A year of progress in campus improvements

Dec 26, 2016 | Reflection

As this year comes to a close, I thought that I would take a look back at some of the major campus construction projects that have been undertaken throughout 2016. We were grateful to have the College of Business building funded through State of Louisiana Capital Outlay funds, but most of these projects were funded through private or self-generated funding sources. There have also been quite a few smaller projects like renovations, maintenance and land acquisition projects that are not evident to most people, but that require a lot of time and resources to address. None of these projects could be successful without the leadership of my administrative team, particularly Sam Wallace and Jim King.

Model of Engineering & Science Building at Homer/Reneau intersection

We are actively planning numerous other projects that should move forward in 2017. Most notably, we hope to secure final approval for state funding for the Integrated Engineering and Science Education Building. That building has been completely designed and is ready to go out for bids. We will also be looking at advancing other projects related to our campus master plan. We always appreciate the private gifts of those who want to help us on various projects and there are numerous opportunities to contribute if you are interested. I am particularly interested in focusing on creating more “pleasant walks and noble trees” for future generations of Tech students. This will be seen in the approximately 100 new trees that we will be planting across campus in early 2017 as well as improvements to sidewalks and pedestrian-scale lighting. Here are a few pics of 2016 projects:

Business Building expansion should be completed by early spring 2017


Following recent demolition, columns for new pressbox/suites structure at Joe Aillet Stadium are now under construction


Homer East residential facilities (3 buildings)


Homer East view from California


Homer West footings (3 buildings)


Aswell Commons site prep


Early Childhood Education Center replacement & newly renovated facility


Natatorium site demolition and new concrete parking lot prep


Nethken parking lot replacement


Mitchell parking lot replacement


Business building parking lot from Oil Mill Street


Business parking from Louisiana Avenue


Temp parking expansion between Texas & Reneau (future engineering building site)


Temp parking expansion at corner of Homer & Reneau (future Tech Pointe 2 building site)


New softball field turf


Softball and campus parking lot replacement


Student Health Center replacement at Lambright

BARC Commons collaboration space

Renovations of Davison for “Blue Fire” First Year Experience and Communications 101

baseball vs ulm

Turf replacement for baseball


New roof for Rawle Enterprise Center


Tree planting along Alabama Avenue


Tree planting around Bogard and other parts of campus


Land acquisition such as Textbook Rentals soon to be demolished & converted to parking


Excavated soils are being placed west of Tech Drive to create new intramural fields


Dressing room facilities for soccer & tennis


Pine trees will soon be removed and site prepped for improvements around Woodard Hall (& adding more trees)