From the desk of President Leslie K. Guice

Tech welcomes the new CSRA Integrated Technology Center

Nov 18, 2016 | Weekly Update

What happened to the Fall Quarter? Sitting here now getting ready for Fall Commencement on Saturday morning, realizing that the quarter has passed me by…. I spent all day Monday in budget meetings with my CFO Lisa Cole and Budget Officer Jerry Drewett, with the academic Deans discussing potential fall quarter curriculum offerings in Shreveport/Bossier, and with Craig Spohn of the CIC regarding some of our partnership activities.

Stan Napper ready to enter CSRA’s amazing new ITC in Bossier City

Tuesday morning, VP Stan Napper and I headed over to Bossier City for the dedication of the new CSRA Integrated Technology Center. We joined Governor John Bel Edwards, LED Secretary Don Pierson, Bossier community leaders and CSRA execs for the dedication and ribbon cutting. This was a great day for NW Louisiana culminating several years of planning and development that created this facility and at least 1100 direct high-tech jobs for Bossier City. I am confident that this is just the beginning of many more announcements that will come over the next few years. Thanks to many who worked hard and invested much to make this a reality, and special thanks to Stan for all of his leadership and work with CSRA’s Wendy Talbot to coordinate the extensive partnership activities between our two organizations. This is how a national research university has a significant national-scale impact for our region!

Entering LaSalle Building, new home for Louisiana Economic Development

On Wednesday morning, I headed down to Baton Rouge to attend a Louisiana Committee of 100 meeting at the LaSalle Building. This statewide committee of business and education leaders is led by Mike Olivier. We heard an excellent briefing about the work of the Task Force on Structural Changes on Tax and Budget Policy. This task force has been working for several months to provide recommendations for reforms to Louisiana’s tax base and budget policies. The work of this task force will be very important for the next legislative session, and regardless of one’s political position on these issues, it is going to be crucial for us all to work together to find a solution that provides a stable and predictable budget for the future. I hope that you will make a point to learn more about these recommendations and provide your encouragement to your legislative leaders. I returned back in the office on Thursday morning for a meeting with Dean Don Schillinger and others to discuss plans for expanding AE Phillips Lab School. In addition to meetings with Lisa Cole and VP Jim King, I enjoyed several stop in visits by students and alumni. Kathy and I enjoyed the opportunity to host an appreciation party for major United Way contributors on Thursday evening. On Friday morning, I walked over to the College of Business Building to speak to the Accounting Advisory Board. I enjoyed bumping into a prospective student and her family along the way. After a couple of conference calls, I went by the TAC and then home to prepare for Fall Commencement. I hope you enjoy a few of my favorite pics for the week:  

Student Leader and soon-to-be grad Hampton Roane stopped by to talk about his future plans


Communications Director Dave Guerin joins Justin Ortega to discuss an innovative idea for student IDs


Speaking at CSRA ITC dedication


Chad Spruell and Jeff Johnson stop by to talk about Rock Steady Boxing class to support Parkinsons patients


Student-led candle ceremony at the Lady of the Mist


Prospective student & family from Baton Rouge visit Business Building


Former athlete and soon-to-be grad Sam Alvis stops by to visit


Paige Pickett from our Student Health Center


Holly’s amazing United Way, Tech and pumpkin cookies


My two favorite flags