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Gone Fishin'

Jul 25, 2015 | Weekly Update

Gone fishin’? Well, not really. But I did take some personal time over the past week to visit with my son and his family in Florida. And, we did find Nemo while at Disneyworld. And, we did take a brief walk on the Atlantic coast beach near Jacksonville. More on that later.

Natonal higher ed consultant Mary J. Allen speaks on assessment and alignment with institutional goals

I spent the early part of this week in a meeting with our regional accrediting association, SACSCOC, at its annual Institute on Quality Enhancement and Accreditation at Orlando. There were a number of excellent speakers and breakout sessions where we were able to learn more about the latest practices and standards for institutional effectiveness, assessment, and teaching/learning. I particularly enjoyed a luncheon presentation by author and speaker, Stephen Gower, who made highly inspirational remarks on leadership and success. Kathy and I particularly enjoyed the family time that we had this week. We took Kathy’s mother Peg with us on the trip and it was the first time that both she and I were able to visit with Bret and Christy’s 3-month-old twins. Of course, 2-year-old Christopher demanded most of the attention, particularly as we took a little time to go through EPCoT and Animal Kingdom. The worst part of the whole visit was having to leave them in Florida, but we would not trade the time we had together for anything.
Christopher and Goofy

Bret & family pose with one of Christopher’s favorite characters Goofy

Les Everly and Elizabeth

A happy grandfather gets to meet the newest members of the family, Everly and Elizabeth

Born to be a Bulldog2

Christopher enjoyed his new book and wanted me to read it to him several times

Bret on the beach2

Peg, Kathy, Christy & kids enjoying some early morning beach time. It was still HOT though.


Guice entourage entering EPCoT

Kathy & Peg at Planet Hollywood

Kathy & Peg heading to dinner at Planet Hollywood