From the desk of President Leslie K. Guice

On the road from Dallas to Baton Rouge to Norman

Aug 29, 2014 | Weekly Update

Dallas Recruiting at CTB

Meeting with DFW alumni

VP Jim King, VP Corre Stegall, Director of Orientation Andy Cline and I headed out  to downtown Dallas early Monday to meet with a few alumni. We were joined there by Daniel Dupuy who had moved to Dallas about a week ago to serve as a full-time recruiter for us in the DFW area. We all appreciated the warm welcome and encouraging words of support offered to us by our alumni. I appreciate Daniel’s commitment to serve us in this capacity and know that he will do a great job in spreading the good word about Louisiana Tech to prospective students. Tuesday was full of meetings with my administrative team, students and a couple of alumni. I also had a visit from Janet Durden, President of United Way of NELA, who came by to provide me with some training as a new Board member. At noon, I was invited to speak to the Northeast Louisiana Association of Realtors who were meeting at the Historic Fire Station in Ruston. Thanks to NELAR President-elect Edwin Edgerton for the invitation to speak.
speaking to NELAR

Speaking to NELAR

On Wednesday, I made the familiar trip down to Baton Rouge to meet with the Board of Regents. I made a brief presentation to the Board during the Sponsored Programs Committee and was also able to meet with some of the Board staff regarding some of my board-related committee activities. I was back in the office on Thursday and was able to get a few things cleared off of the desk in getting ready for the kick-off of the Fall Quarter next week. I also met briefly with the faculty and staff who were getting ready for teaching University Seminar to all of our incoming freshmen. These faculty are very committed to the success of our students and I deeply appreciate their commitment to take on this important responsibility. As I close out the week, Kathy and I are ready to head out with the football team to Norman to take on the University of Oklahoma. We are excited about the beginning of the football season and I look forward to getting to know our student athletes and staff better. I also look forward to meeting with all of the alumni and friends who come out to enjoy college football, tailgating, and fellowship. Go Dogs!