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Networking with Students, Alumni, Friends & Partners

Feb 26, 2014 | Weekly Update

Student Advancement Team

Student Advancement Team

The past few days have been full of great meetings with students, alumni, and partners of the institution. Kathy and I hosted the Student Advancement Team for a dinner at our house. These students are outstanding leaders and serve the university as hosts for many events. Louisiana Tech is blessed to have so many excellent students who serve the university in various ways.      
Les at CSC

Meeting with CSC Executives

Following last Tuesday’s big announcement of the Computer Sciences Corporation (known as CSC) soon to be locating its new Technology Center in Bossier City, Craig Spohn (CIC Director) and I visited CSC headquarters in Falls Church, Virginia.  We were able to meet many of the corporate executives and to learn more about the exciting changes taking place in that company.  We also learned more about their specific needs and goals for their North Louisiana operations.  It was clear that Louisiana Tech is a key reason that they decided to locate here, and we look forward to establishing a strong partnership that will enhance the institution and the entire region. On this Tuesday, I met with all of our administrators and faculty in the departments of computer science and computer information systems to debrief them on our visit with CSC and to begin to make plans to recruit students and develop courses and curricula to meet CSC’s needs.  We are confident that this deal will enhance Tech’s ability to provide stronger support for other companies in the region that need graduates from these fields.
Washington Economic Development Luncheon

Secretary Stephen Moret Speaks at Economic Development Luncheon

On Friday, many of Louisiana’s major business, community, and government leaders met in Washington DC for an Economic Development luncheon.  We were able to get updates from each of our congressional leaders.  Secretary Moret gave an update on Louisiana’s economic development activities.  The CSC move was a major highlight of Secretary Moret’s remarks, and we deeply appreciate the efforts of him and his team in making this project a reality. It was nice for Louisiana Tech to be recognized during the luncheon.  While in DC, I was able to attend some of the Washington Mardi Gras activities.  We were proud to have one of our Tech students, Allison Brister from Lake Providence, to represent Tech as a princess.  I was able to persuade Allison and her parents Andy and Laurie to pose for a picture.
Allison, Andy & Laurie Brister

Andy, Allison & Laurie Brister

Les in Lafayette

Speaking to Alumni and Friends in Lafayette

                    On Tuesday evening, AD Tommy McClelland, Coach Skip Holtz, Alumni Director Ryan Richard, Assistant AD Nate Warren and I all attended a Tech alumni meeting at Zea’s Rotiserie and Grill in Lafayette.  It was a packed room of 65 alumni and friends.  It was great to see so many people who are such strong and loyal supporters of Tech.  We certainly look forward to returning in the Fall for a football game and tailgate, and we will definitely want to return to Lafayette for other alumni events.  Now, it is time for me to head out to Baton Rouge for University of Louisiana System Board meetings, then return back to Ruston for University Foundation and Alumni  Association Board meetings on Friday.  We are looking forward to Winter Commencement on Saturday.