From the desk of President Leslie K. Guice

Week 15 Update: Videos, Forestry & BBQ

Oct 11, 2013 | Weekly Update

Summarizing a few of the highlights for this week: On Monday, we announced the new video board and video production facilities for the Thomas Assembly Center.  The former scoreboard and sound system was installed when the TAC was opened and was in a critical state of disrepair.  The new state-of-the-art system, funded through private gifts, will enhance game-day experiences, commencement exercises, and other events held in the TAC.  The video production facilities will enhance our ability to produce videos for a wide range of athletic and academic purposes. This-I-Believe-sOn Tuesday, I was honored to join Athletics Director Tommy McClelland and Assistant Professor of Human Ecology Dr. Pei Liu to speak at the university’s First Year Experience (FYE) program called ”Navigating the First Year”.  Our FYE Committee and staff put together a terrific series of programs and activities for freshmen that enriches their experiences at Tech and prepares them for success in college and life afterwards.  This particular program was intended to draw parallels between the challenges faced by first-year students, and some of us who are in our first year of transition to new positions. Navigating the 1st Year photo3 We had a good turnout of students, faculty and staff.  I thoroughly enjoyed it, and particularly found it beneficial to me to reflect inwardly on my personal experiences as a new President, and also as a freshman at Tech 41 years ago.  Tommy gave an outstanding presentation filled with powerful insights about adapting to changes in his life.  I also enjoyed Pei’s comments, which I have included as a separate Guest Feature in this blog. On Wednesday, Roy O. Martin, the Martin family, and several others from his company came to Tech to present our Forestry program with 4 new vans.  These vans will be used to transport our students out to field sites that are included as part of their courses of study.  We deeply appreciate the strong support of Roy and the entire forestry industry.  In addition to these vans, the forestry industry provides numerous scholarships and other programmatic support for our Forestry program. On Thursday, Tommy McClelland, Ryan Richard, Adam McGuirt and I took a trip to East Texas (at Bodacious Barbeque) to meet with East Texas alumni and prospective students.  We were joined by two Admissions staff members, Andy Cline and Matt Cotton.  It was a great evening and we enjoyed the opportunity to connect with our alumni and future alumni. This week has involved a lot of other meetings, development, and planning.  We are getting ready for Homecoming Week next week.  That should be a great week for all of us.