From the desk of President Leslie K. Guice

I Will Ever Loyal Be

Sep 22, 2013 | Reflection

Over my first few weeks of the presidency, I have seen many examples of selfless dedication and loyalty to Louisiana Tech.  Never before have those special words in our alma mater, “I will ever loyal be”, been more real to me than this morning.  On an early Sunday morning as I began to walk out the front door of the Ropp Center, I noticed a couple of people working outside along the sidewalk in front of George T. Madison.  I quickly recognized my two special friends, Justin and Jeanette Hinckley, quietly and methodically removing weeds from the sidewalk, trimming trees, and removing debris. Justin&Jeanette3Monday morning, our students, faculty, and visitors will be walking down that path and may likely notice that things look nice and manicured.  They will go into their classes feeling a little more positive and upbeat.  But they will be unaware that it was two special alumni, who walked down that path as students 30 years ago, that made their day a little more pleasant.  Those students who walk down the path on Monday will someday graduate with pride in their alma mater, and will hopefully find their own ways to demonstrate their commitment to the Tenets of Tech. Thank you, Justin and Jeanette, for what you do to make Louisiana Tech a very special institution.