From the desk of President Leslie K. Guice

Guest Feature: Tommy McClelland

Sep 4, 2013 | Guest Feature

Tommy McClellandI was honored when asked by Dr. Guice to be a guest writer on his blog. This may be the closest I ever get to being a university president! As I complete one month on the job, I would like to express a few things that I have observed during my time in Ruston. First, the Louisiana Tech community has displayed an amazing kindness to me and my family that has been overwhelming. I had heard about the LA Tech hospitality from my time growing up in the state, but to experience it firsthand has been one of the best things about this job thus far. It is very difficult transitioning from one job to the next without my family with me. Although I look forward to Jessica, Lawson and Grayson joining me soon, it is wonderful the way I’ve been embraced from all of Ruston and the LA Tech community. Secondly, I would like to brag on the quality coaches and staff that we have within the department. I have personally witnessed them work long hours, and I have seen their creativity and talents. But most of all I discovered that they truly desire to make a difference in the lives of each and every student-athlete that they come in contact with at Louisiana Tech. My desire to support student-athletes is what led me into the college athletics profession, and it is obvious this group of coaches, administrators and staff chose this profession for the same reason. It is truly a team effort. Every one of us within the department is excited about the transition into Conference USA this year. It’s our goal to make this transition as seamless as possible for our student-athletes while supporting them in their mission to win championships. This ride will encounter some speed bumps at times, but with loyal and passionate people in place, we are confident that it will be one we won’t forget. We are excited about the direction that our University and athletic department are headed, and we need all of our loyal alumni, fans and students to buy into our vision for the present and the future of Louisiana Tech. This is the perfect segue into my final point. I would like to share with you what I shared with my Athletics Senior Staff recently. I posed a simple, yet important, question. Are you a renter or an owner? The following is from a article from March 30, 2011. “Every organization has both types. Owners accept full responsibility even when it is not formally assigned, believe deeply in their mission, collaborate with others, take initiative and hold co-workers accountable to the same high standards. Renters, meanwhile, approach their work with an ‘it’s just a job’ mentality, tend to make statements like ‘that’s not my problem’ and point the finger at others when things go wrong.” This line of thinking is not just for those that work at Louisiana Tech, but also the supporters and fans. I hope each and every one of you will take “ownership” of your school and make the investments that others may not be willing to make. WE MUST STACK THE DECK WITH OWNERS. And just so you know I’m completely “bought in” to Louisiana Tech University … renting is not an option. Tommy McClelland, Director of Athletics