From the desk of President Leslie K. Guice

Living in Ropp – Part 3: Hall of Presidents

Aug 21, 2013 | Reflection

One of the most interesting things about the Ropp Center is the complete set of portraits of former Tech Presidents that are on the walls throughout the facility.  The portraits reflect the history of Tech to the many faculty, staff, students, alumni and guests who visit the Ropp Center.
President  Edwin Richardson 36-41

Edwin S. Richardson (1936-1941)

President Arthur T Prescott 95-99

Arthur T. Prescott (1895-1899)

President C E Byrd 06-07

Clifton E. Byrd (1906-1907)

President Daniel D Reneau 87-13

Daniel D. Reneau (1987–2013)

President F Jay Taylor 62-87

F. Jay Taylor (1962–1987)

President George W Bond 29-26

George W. Bond (1929-1936)

President John E. Keeny 08-26

John E. Keeny (1908-1926)

President  John R Conniff 27-28

John R. Conniff (1927-28)

President James B Aswell 00-04

James B. Aswell (1900–1904)

President W E Taylor 04-05

W. E. Taylor (1904-1905)

President W C Robinson 99-00

William C. Robinson (1899-1900)

President  Claybrook Cottingham 41-49

Claybrook C. Cottingham (1941-1949)

President Ralph L Ropp 49-62

Ralph L. Ropp (1949-1962)