From the desk of President Leslie K. Guice

Living in Ropp – Part 1

Aug 9, 2013 | Reflection

Ropp picture in Foyer

Ropp Portrait in Foyer

Kathy and I are enjoying living in the Ropp Center.  There always seems to be plenty of activity in the heart of campus, even in the summer.  We have become close to the Aramark staff since they usually arrive early to begin to prepare for lunch for the Faculty & Staff Club.  They are always friendly and helpful. This week, there was a breakfast meeting of area law enforcement personnel who enjoy the location for periodic coordination and communication meetings.
Ropp Dining Room

Ropp Dining Room

Then, when it is lunchtime, the house is full – particularly on fried chicken day (Wednesday.)  We invited Kathy’s mother over for lunch on Wednesday so she could get to see what it is like and to let her meet a few of the Tech faculty and staff.  All three dining rooms filled up that day, a great sign that Aramark knows how to cook fried chicken.  You have to get there early because all of the athletics staff, including Teddy Allen and Tommy McClelland, get the best tables and usually get first shot at the buffet line.  They beat us there Wednesday.
Ropp Mural

Mural of Historic Tech Buildings

The small dining room is usually used for small private meetings when we bring visitors to campus, or if a department, club, or group of faculty & staff want to meet over lunch.  This room has a beautiful portrait filling up one wall.  The portrait, painted by Judy Buckner of Athens, depicts several early buildings on campus.  Included in the portrait are Old Main (1895), Hale Hall (1898), Ropp Center (1911), Lomax Hall (1925), Prescott Library (1927), Keeny Hall (1936), and Bogard Hall (1939). Which of those buildings remain today?  Also included is a picture of Rep. George M. Lomax in his buggy.  Rep. Lomax introduced legislation in 1894 establishing a college in Ruston.