From the desk of President Leslie K. Guice

A Letter for Lettermen

Jul 5, 2013 | Reflection

I recently had the opportunity to write a letter to the Lettermen’s Club.  For those who missed it, I have repeated it below.  I hope that you enjoy it. My wife, Kathy, and I are blessed to have the opportunity to take the reins of this great institution in July. We have deep ties to athletics with Kathy’s grandfather having served on the 1922 football team, with our own honeymoon at the Joe, with our enjoying thrilling victories in Memorial, with our boys growing up in the TAC, and more. Like so many more Tech fans, we have taken great pride in watching the success of our teams on the fields and court winning conference and national championships. We have been proud of our student-athletes who have represented Tech with integrity and class while at Tech, as well as in professional careers afterwards. You have helped to create a national brand identity for Louisiana Tech. Our lettermen are a key ingredient in the glue that holds the Tech Family together. You were the ones who represented our University all across the nation, who made us all act crazy in the stands, who inspired us through outstanding performances, who lifted our spirits on Saturdays and weeknights, and who make us proud when you return to campus for recognition. Because of the many hours that you spent with your teammates building relationships and honing your skills, your bonds with one another often remain strong for a lifetime. We’re blessed that so many of you have also retained strong bonds with the University. Your continued presence at Tech events makes all of us reflect positively on the history, people and successes that have made Tech a truly great institution. As we move forward into a new conference that opens opportunities for even greater national recognition for Tech, we need you, our lettermen, to be engaged with us like never before. We need to fill our stands and demonstrate to the nation that Louisiana Tech University is one of the great places to be. We want to consistently show up in the Top 20 rankings, and you certainly know that having big crowds makes a big difference in getting the national visibility that our students and athletes deserve.