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Reflecting on important things in life

This week, Kathy and I really came to appreciate why we were given children when we were young. But we did greatly enjoy having our 3 grandkids at the house as Bret and Christy left them with us during their business trip to California. I don’t know that Kathy could have managed it without my [more]

A Ray of Hope

On Monday, I attended a Conference USA Board meeting in Dallas and enjoyed interacting with other Presidents and conference staff. I also enjoyed spending some time with NCAA President Mark Emmert who was there to discuss national issues and get feedback from our Presidents. He and I first got to know each other when he [more]

To Thee My Alma Mater

Kathy and I had a couple of special visitors come to our home this week, the sole surviving nieces of John Purcell Graham. Of course, all of our alumni are most familiar with one of the songs written and composed by John P. Graham, and that is our Alma Mater. We enjoyed the visit of [more]