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Celebrating Spring Quarter 2018

The final week of the Spring Quarter is always full and exciting. This one was no exception. We had special events distributed throughout the week starting with three on Monday: a question & answer session with the University Senate in the Pressbox & Suites, a special lighting ceremony for the Lady of the Mist, and [more]

Riding the year-end roller coaster

This week felt a little bit like riding the Shock Wave roller coaster at Six Flags. There were a few stretches of anticipation and some wild loops that put me in 180 degree turns throughout the week. The ride was thrilling and invigorating, but I am not ready to hop on again right now…. Monday [more]

Celebrating success as 2017-18 year approaches end

I love this time of the school year.  As we wind down classes, finish projects, prepare for finals and plan for commencement, we also begin to reflect and celebrate the activities and successes over the past year. For many, there is the anticipation of a summer job or some time to relax and recover. For [more]