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LATech@NCRP: 10 years in the making

Ten years ago this month, the Bossier community began to develop plans for the Cyber Innovation Center (CIC) and National Cyber Research Park (NCRP) in anticipation of the establishment of the USAF Cyber Command at Barksdale Air Force Base. Everyone recognized the potential impacts such a federal investment could have on our community and state.  The [more]

Kicking off the fifth year

Wrapping up the first couple of weeks of Year 5…..  Kathy and I took a few days after Independence Day to drive out to Jacksonville, Florida for a visit with Bret and his family. Christy was on a trip and Bret needed some help babysitting, so Kathy and I jumped at the opportunity to help [more]

Interesting Spaces

It seems like much of this week has put me in some interesting spaces and discussing interesting things. After an early budget meeting on Monday, I trekked to Bossier City to meet with a couple of well-established entrepreneurs who are contemplating a significant high-tech start-up company for NW LA. Our ability to provide them substantial [more]