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Special news about Tech’s Band of Pride!

It was a special day for me recently when Tech’s legendary Director of Bands, Jim Robken, came into the office and shared some great news with me. I had been privately having discussions with him for a few weeks, and he knew that I was concerned about the impacts on the future of Louisiana Tech when [more]

Cherrie Sciro: From Tech to the best of Broadway and back

Cherrie Sciro loved her time at Louisiana Tech, where she earned her undergraduate degree, and never wanted to leave. Her dream of returning to Tech came true soon after earning her MFA in Arts Administration at Texas Tech University. While separated from her alma mater and pursuing the MFA, Cherrie participated in the American College [more]

Dr. Paul Jackson: Tech is his university, Green is his color

As a horticulturist who has been conducting forest tree seedling research for over ten years, Paul Jackson joined Tech in 2012 as a faculty member of Plant Science in the Department of Agricultural Sciences. Paul noted, “Forest tree seedlings are the “baby trees” that become the mature trees we all are accustomed to seeing in north Louisiana [more]